“Floating moments”

The interactive performance is based on a personal encounter over a sand dish. Helle Hove meets the guest in a wordless – simultaneously ritualistic and playful – exchange of lines in sand, each move responding to the previous one, as a common language emerges in surprisingly beautiful patterns. At some point the performer begins to remove sand during the process, leaving less and less. Eventually, the shiny, black granite surface is bare, and the session is over. A new guest can enter the process, and a new breath of construction and dismantling can begin. What is left is the common recollection of having co-acted in a microcosm in an unfolding transformation.

To mennesker – den ene performancekunstner Helle Hove, den anden en frivillig fra publikum – mødes i en ordløs, legende udveksling af streger i sand. Et fælles sprog opstår i overraskende smukke mønstre, der siden brydes ned og forsvinder for til sidst at efterlade den fælles erindring om at have ageret sammen i et mikrokosmos i stadig forandring.